Millati Islami attempts to address a problem in the Islamic Community that has not been thoroughly addressed. That is to recognize that devastating addictions can and do occur among the members of our family as well as among the American community at large.



        1. Group should be seated in a circle.

        2. Secretary will call the meeting to order.

        3. Recite Al-Fatiha in Arabic and English.

        4. Welcome everyone.

        5. Introduction of newcomers.

        6. Orientation to the facilities.

A. Location of restrooms, refreshments. And literature.

B. If you are holding drugs or paraphernalia, leave, clean up, then come back. We are interested in you. We do not want your drugs.

C. No smoking, prolonged conversations, or use of profanity during the meeting.

        7.  Reading of the literature.

A. Surah Five, Ayats 90 & 91 (of the Qur’an).

B. Who is Addicted?

C. What is Millati Islami?

D. Why?

E. How it works/The Steps of Recovery.

F. The Traditions of Millati Islami.

8. Begin meeting by introducing the speaker for (Speakers Meeting).

Or…Begin reading the literature for a Step or Literature Meeting, followed by discussion of the literature,

Or... Begin Round Robin.  (Round Robins may be open discussion or Topic Meetings).

9. Close Meeting by:

A. Collecting donations (we are self supporting).

B.  Reading “Hope Through Millati Islami”.

C. Recite Surah 103, ASR (103 of the Qur’an), in Arabic and English.




See PDF at 
Readings for Millati Islami Meetings