12 Traditions of Millati Islami

  1. Shahadah - We bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammed is the last messenger of Allah.

  2. Personal recovery depends upon Millati Islami unity. Believers are friends and protectors of one another.

  3. For our individual and Jamaat (group) purpose there is but one ultimate authority which is Allah (God, the source from which all originates).

  4. Requirements for participation are a desire to stop using and willingness to learn a better way of life.

  5. Each Jamaat (group) should be autonomous except in their adherence in to these traditions.

  6. Our primary Jamaat (group) purpose is carrying out Al-Islam as the message of recovery to those who still suffer (Dawah).

  7. Problems of money, property, and prestige must never divert us from our primary purpose.

  8. Every Millati Islami Jamaat (group) should be self supporting but may accept sadaqa (voluntary charity) without attached obligations orpromises to donating parties.

  9. We may create service boards and committees directly responsible to those we serve.

  10. The Millati Islami name aught never be drawn into public controversy.

  11. Our public relations policy is based upon attraction before promotion. The criterion for both are decided by Jamaat (group), Taqwa, and Ihsan.

  12. Iman (faith) is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, reminding us to place principles before personalities.