Islamic 12 Step Program

What is Millati Islami and how did it start ?

Millati Islami is a Twelve Step recovery program for persons who experience problems associated with addiction.  The steps and traditions of Millati Islami are based upon Islamic principles.  With the traditional Twelve Step program some principles have proven to be in accord with our Islamic way of life.   When Islamic principles are included, they have proven to further enhance the recovery process. We have modified the traditional Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions practiced by some of the other Twelve Step programs.

Millati Islami was founded in Baltimore Maryland in September of 1989, at what  was  known as the Baltimore Masjid, located at 514 Islamic Way.  Its founder Zaid Imani sought a way that he could incorporate the Islamic Way of Life with the traditional Twelve Step approach to the treatment of addiction.  His Du’a (prayer) was for Allah to guide him to a way that he could stay rooted in the Islamic way of life while focused on recovery.  Millati Islami (The Path of Peace) was developed.

Millati Islami remained a local effort until the fall of 1992, when Zaid Imani met Bilal Ali.  Bilal Ali was a facilitator of  Jama’at  Al Tauba, in a Washington, D.C.  based  recovery group for Muslims.  Soon after their meeting, Bilal Ali announced that the Jama’at Al Tauba group had decided to become a part of the Millati Islami network.  In January of 1993, the decision was made to expand this recovery program. While attending a convention in Boston, Massachusetts hosted by one of the other twelve step fellowships, Zaid Imani met with a group of believers from various parts of the country.  He presented the Millati Islami program and today, March 2,1996, forty-two Millati Islami groups have been established in sixteen states across the nation.  Millati Islami meetings are currently held in Masajid (an Islamic school building), counseling centers, neighborhood recreation centers, recovery houses, members’ homes, members’ business, and various prisons across the country.

In February of 1993, Millati Islami held its first annual fundraiser breakfast in Baltimore, Maryland.  Proceeds from that event were used to publish a manual. The manual outlines the Millati Islami Twelve Step recovery process supported by the Qur’an and Hadith (sayings and practices) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Information about the Millati Islami Program and how to start a Millati Islami group in your area can be found on this site.